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Green Nature

Take a look at how we transform Teva Yarok- one of Israel's leading natural supplement manufacturers into an E-commerce giant.

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Global1SIM is not just a mobile operator, it׳s a communication revolution that is bringing eSIM to the mobile devices of millions. Discover how we penetrated the Israeli Market.

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Adv. Shlomi Harel for Mayor

Our Ramat Gan mayoral campaign in 2018 was created during the most turbulent period in the city for many years. Come see how we have created a new party and a promising candidate for mayor.

Observe how we revolutionized an eSIM service, making it one of the top players in the industry, into a powerhouse of e-commerce.

NeptuCom Mobile

For 4 years we functioned as a CMO’s of NeptuCom, an international telecom company, specializing in eSIM technology. come and see how we transformd her marketing and story upside down.

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