blossoms from a fundamental belief.

Akin to a seed endowed with boundless potential. It's the genesis of a grand vision, a harbinger of change with the power to reshape the world itself. Just as a seed, given the right nurture, can grow into a towering tree, so too can a single, potent idea in marketing spark a revolution, touching lives and steering the course of human thought and action

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Passionate about marketing from the outset.

Head of Marketing with 15+ years of experience in the health, mobile, and tech industry. Proven track record of success in developing and executing marketing strategies in SaaS companies that drive growth. Expertise in B2B and B2C marketing, lead generation, and product marketing.

Skilled in marketing strategies.

My experience spans multiple roles in digital marketing and performance sectors, from client and creative management to public relations leadership. I’m recognized for my strategic and creative business insights, underpinned by a profound understanding of marketing dynamics and processes.

Holding European citizenship.

2005 Growth Hormone Campaign (HGH) Winner for Outstanding Achievement

A columnist in "Globes," the top business newspaper in Israel.

Head of Israeli media relations at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) in collaboration with the Ruder Finn, Inc. agency. Recognized with the "Roaring Lion" award for the best campaign.

Founder of the PR department of "Leumit" Health Fund. "Leumit" made history as the first medical services company in Israel to launch an online PR program in 2001.

Ori holds B.A in Media Studies and Political Science from the Open University Of Israel and M.A in public policy and political marketing from Reichman University. Certified Digital marketer from the Institute of Data & Marketing of London and a Copywriting diploma from the Israeli Academy of Commercial Communication.

Ori’s groundbreaking approach to marketing involves a flexible work model. It features a team of experts whose composition adapts to the evolving requirements of the company.

The marketing manager belongs to a group of specialized professionals who offer guidance to the organization, enhancing its adaptability and resources. Although they are crucial to the organization’s operations and act on its behalf, they are not in-house employees. This group is also a member of a dedicated marketing body and acts as the main liaison for the organization. They collaborate efficiently to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Marketing development and innovation

Peter Drucker already said “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation”. He considered marketing and innovation to be the important basis for the company’s success.

Marketing innovation is about finding fresh, creative ways to sell a product or service, which can include major updates to how it looks, is packaged, sold, advertised, or priced. The aim is to fulfill customer demands more effectively, break into uncharted markets, or give a product a new edge in the marketplace, all to boost sales.

Ori specializes in marketing innovation. He uses his strategic foresight and creativity, along with cutting-edge methods, to guide companies in spotting and seizing new market opportunities.

Put simply, Ori is the go-to person for companies looking to innovate the way they market what they offer, connect with more customers, and increase their revenue.

Marketing and strategy

A Marketing Strategy is essentially a long-range game plan focused on the goals a business aims to hit. Achieving these goals hinges on selecting the right tactics that will strengthen the market standing of the company’s products or services and boost sales

Leveraging opportunities is crucial for identifying the right customer base, fostering loyalty, and solidifying a firm’s market stance. Ori excels in the realm of marketing innovation, offering both strategic insight and creative foresight, along with cutting-edge tools to aid businesses in uncovering fresh opportunities and breaking into new markets.

Additionally, Ori is proficient in marketing strategy, supplying marketing management services on an outsourced basis to various companies and institutions. This distinctive model allows for a more adaptable approach to marketing leadership. Organizations are not limited to one marketing director but have access to a panel of marketing experts they can choose from and rotate as needed to suit their evolving requirements.

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Branding and Design

Brand design is a vital aspect of marketing that encompasses the creation of a brand’s name, logo, and other visual and symbolic elements. It’s about crafting a unique presence in the market to stand out from competitors and enhance product distinction

Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a business or product in the minds of consumers. It involves developing a strong brand name, logo, and visual identity, as well as communicating the brand’s values and personality through marketing and advertising.

Branding  can help businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors, build customer loyalty, increase sales, attract top talent

Branding is a complex and ever-evolving process, but it is essential for any business or product that wants to be successful in the long term.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a deliberate approach that involves crafting and sharing valuable, pertinent, and consistent content to captivate and maintain a well-defined audience, with the end goal of generating profitable customer behavior.

Effective marketing hinges on outstanding content. It should integrate seamlessly with your marketing methods, rather than standing apart. All marketing facets, including your overall strategy and social media plan, rely on high-quality content. Search engines favor businesses that consistently produce great content. Public relations success comes from addressing what the audience finds important, not just the business itself. Even pay-per-click campaigns need solid content to be effective. Essentially, content is the driving force for attracting traffic and generating leads and is a cornerstone of most content marketing strategies.

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Marketing Communication

Marketing communication entails a planned process of interaction that fosters reciprocal and advantageous connections between companies and their audience.

The essence of marketing communication lies in swaying, engaging with, and cultivating relationships with key parties across a variety of channels to shape and guide how the public views an organization. Our extensive experience with high-profile marketing communication campaigns has earned recognition. We have had the honor of acting as representatives and voices for a diverse array of clients in sectors such as healthcare, media, finance, technology, and retail.

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