Creative & Marketing Managment

Client: Global1sim
Project team: Ori Bar, Liat Moshe, Adi Harel

We are proud to manage the marketing of the eSIM revolution in Israel through the marketing management of Global1SIM, the first telecom company in Israel that fully adopts eSIM technology – a virtual SIM and allows every Israeli to install a virtual SIM for the first time. This is a similar revolution that the world of credit is going through through Apple Pay or the world of tourism (flight tickets, hotel vouchers, renting a car abroad and more), where everything has become virtual. Sounds like science fiction? Not anymore.

Global1sim is a new ocean, a new ocean of communication possibilities never seen before. From the same strategic line we chose an original color palette taken from life in the ocean itself. This is where the brand’s original and unique colors were born that will accompany it throughout its life.

Being with the same number anywhere in the world is not just a new media revolution it is far beyond that. Because the world has different number one time zones that move with you from country to country allows you to be anywhere in the world at the same time, there is no more “abroad”. From this point was born the slogan “to be everywhere in the world, at the same time.”

We characterized and wrote a commerce site in order to present the new service on the one hand and sell the new SIM on the other hand.

We embarked on a mass funding campaign for exposure among early adopters. At the heart of the campaign was a video advertisement explaining what all the fuss was about. Together with it, we uploaded a landing page on the largest crowdfunding platform in Israel.

Investment Raising Page

Content Marketing. An interview on the TV show “Behind the Money” hosted by Danny Roop

An article about Global1sim and the eSIM revolution, how it is changing the telecom industry and the way we communicate.

Ad campaigns for social media.