Green Nature
Marketing Managment

Year: 2020-2021
Client: Teva Yarok
Projects team: name, Ori Bar, Anis Kadis, Ariel Yakimov, Tamir ohayon

Teva Yarok – Green Nature in Hebrew is one of the largest manufacturers of food supplements and healthy foods in Israel. In the digital age, this category requires going beyond the digital space where most customers are already. Our mission was to carry out a digital transformation for the brand that works very successfully in the nature and health stores in the country and open it to new audiences in Israel and around the world.

website on mec

We built an e-commerce site and uploaded most of the company’s products to it. The site is developed customized to the customer’s needs.

We have run dozens of creative digital campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram in commercial collaborations with influencers and associations that promote a healthy diet

Date snacks teva yarok



A key part of our work was to brand a product that came from development. In most cases marketing is a key part already when developing the product or even thinking about it. In the picture you can see the date snack that needed branding, from the name through the design of the cover and the case in which it will be displayed to its marketing campaign.