NeptuCom Mobile
Marketing & Creative Management

Year: 2023
Client: Neptucom - Mobile operator
Project team: Ori Bar, Liat Moshe, Sigal Bar-Lev

For 4 years we functioned as a CMO’s of NeptuCom. the company is an international telecom company, pioneering eSIM technology in Israel. Serving the business community in Israel and worldwide with advanced communication solutions.

With a presence in over 200 countries and sales and distribution centers in 15 locations worldwide, NeptuCom offers deep technological and commercial understanding, flexibility, and innovation, revolutionizing the way we consume cellular communication.

Branding Process

Until 2018, the company operated under the name Global1sim and offered services under the radar without marketing support. In order to become a legitimate player, there was a need for advancement. If you want to play in the big brands league , you need to look and speak as they do. 

After deep consideration, we created the name “NeptuCom” after the Roman God of the sea, a new ocean of communication. 

From the company’s core value of navigating the world without changing SIM cards and not being identified by where the call is made, the slogan was created: Anywhere, Everywhere simultaneously.

The branding process and storytelling also included creating communication packages and their names. The names were derived from names of sea waves.

Business Development

One of our most significant roles was to create creative business connections that could yield significant profits for the company. We established connections with insurance companies, tourism, and online communities on Facebook and WhatsApp. For each collaboration, we created a working framework that included tailored communication packages, a special landing page, and marketing banners

Marketing Communication – We built a sales-oriented website that also appeals to the business audience and prepared marketing materials for the launch campaign.

Social Media Management

As part of the work, we managed the brand’s social networks, creating a language and discourse that connects with the brand’s diverse audiences, both private and business.