Municipal Elections
Marketing and Creative Management

Year: 2018
Client: IDAN HADASH Party
Project team: Ori Bar, Roy Herzlich

IDAN HADASH Party was a new and independent party that ran in the local elections in Ramat Gan, one of the largest cities in Israel. The party was headed by Shlomi Harel, who ran for mayor.

The city of Ramat Gan at that time was facing a severe leadership and managerial crisis when our mission was to produce a new and original alternative in order to get the city out of the mud in which it sank.

We set up the marketing and strategy department at the election headquarters and managed the marketing engagement at the strategic and creative level.

“Ramat Gan Bebalagan”, Ramat Gan is a mess in Hebrew was chosen as the leading slogan of the first part of the campaign. A special video was produced that outlines what is happening in the city and the ways that can make it a city worth living in.

“Ramat Gan needs a good manager, one who also knows how to do politics.

We formulated three L’s – to manage, initiate, innovate and they became the opening shot of initiatives throughout the campaign.

Campaign launch. Waking up the city. Three clips are scattered on social media.

Media across the web and the city

שלט חוצות
כרזת בחירות על אוטובוס
מועמד בבחירות
אדם ישן

Local P.R

two people shaking hands
Article in hebrew

Unveiling a new era list for the Ramat Gan City Council

כרזת בחירות רשימת גם רמת גן
מועמדים למועצת העיר
מועמדים למועצת העיר
מועמדים למועצת העיר
מועמדת למועצת העיר

Political explosion, Shlomi Harel removes his candidacy for mayor and transfers support to incumbent Mayor Israel Singer. The campaign focuses on forming a new coalition that will bring a new spirit to the city.

כרזת בחירות עם דמות
Poster with Hebrew captions
Election platform in Hebrew

Money time- Election week – Promoting the ballot itself

כרזת בחירות עירונית
פתק הצבעה