Robin App
The first Israeli insurance mobile app

Year: 2019
Client: Robbin App
Project team: Ori Bar

Robin was a famous Israeli insurance app launched in 2016 that facilitated users in planning their long-term financial savings and coverage. With 150,000 active users, Robin analyzed all pension facts acquired from the Pension Clearing House for every purchaser. Based in this statistics, Robin provided recommendations and guidelines for improving the character’s state of affairs in every of the parameters affecting the quantity of retirement financial savings. In addition, Robin also analyzed the medical health insurance fame of customers and examined whether or not there have been any gaps or overlaps in insurance.

While Robin is no longer available, it serves as an example of how technology can be used to assist people manipulate their budget and plan for his or her destiny.

We were proud to launch the app in Israel. Our marketing strategy used a combination of free media coverage, such as press releases, and paid advertising on Google and Facebook to reach a wide audience.

This approach is similar to what is known as an “authority strategy” in marketing, where a brand or product is positioned as an expert or trusted source of information in its field. 

By securing positive media coverage and running targeted ads, the app was able to establish itself as a valuable resource for users in Israel.

Campaign launch. Waking up the city. Three clips are scattered on social media.

“The ‘I love Mas’ campaign was one of the great campaigns we created for Robin. The Israeli IRS allows to take privet taxes and and to invest in technology stocks of companies. Many Israelis don’t know about it, so we reminded him through a campaign under the title ‘I love income tax’ The reason: it allows me to use the income tax I pay to purchase properties for myself privately.”

An item on the TV program “The Economic Program” about the wage gap between women and men and how it also affects the pension.

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