Novonordisk Pharmaceutical
Growth hormone campaign
Marketing and Creative Management

Year: 2006
Client: Novonordisk Pharmaceutical
Project team: Ori Bar and Partners

There are two public systems on the health basket: Public opinion links the health basket to life-saving drugs. The second and third cycle (life extension, quality of life) is pushed aside.

Consequences: Public opinion was cancer-biased in its types while emphasizing emotional elements. Cancer as an agenda is the most powerful symbol – life or death.

The issue of cancer grew out of the struggle, a mixed leadership that initiated independent moves –
Meetings with MKs, demonstrations, letters, media inquiries and more. 

Patients received backing from family / friends / community. “Cancer” has been backed by strong associations: the Association for the War on Cancer and one in nine

Cancer has a long tradition of “lobby” (ENDORSERS) Among professionals and among Knesset members (“Bon Ton”)

Short schedule – only one month before the committee’s decision

Parents did not know each other and were not united as a pressure group

The parents did not have a common / clear agendaThe hormone is perceived as a drug that “improves quality of life” only

The growth hormone did not have a previous “accumulated relationship” – neither among the public nor among decision makers

There were no “presenters/promoters” for the issue among Knesset members

There was no recognized patient association that could promote and discuss the issue

Opposition from Schneider Hospital spokeswoman to the collaboration due to a directive from Clalit Health Insurance Fund.

– Rapid flooding of the subject into communication with an emphasis on the children’s angle and with maximum emotional elements
– Rapid organization of parents as a pressure group with a common agenda
– Use of “TESTIMONIALS” – parents, children – for communication needs and parliamentary moves
– Locating DORSERS: Physician; Member of Knesset – for communication needs and parliamentary moves
– Work closely with the lobby agency

Media across the web and the city