Shawarma Bar chain
Traditional food, new approach

Year: 2019
Projects team: Ori Bar, Miki Abba

Entrepreneurs from various fields decided to set up a restaurant chain. They approached us to take control of the marketing, but not just to run the operation, but to reinvent a traditional and very common dish in Israel, shawarma. It was a task that was especially appropriate for us. Israeli DNA not only knows how to invent things, it establishes a revival tradition through innovation, a global vision and the adoption of other cultures.

Our marketing strategy touched on every aspect of the chain, from restaurant design, menu construction and types of food to be served, team uniforms, serving tools, marketing channels and their operation, business and marketing development and finally customer service. the chain was the first in the city of Ramat Gan to offer deliveries via the Wolt app and rake in all the cash when the corona epidemic broke into our lives.

The branding process was fascinating. We chose a name that reflects a social experience around street food. The designed logo shows two E letters facing each other and showing the holding position of the dish while eating.

We created a new language for traditional food using icons taken from the digital world, emojis, all in order to attract a new, up-to-date audience that wants to eat shawarma but give up the nutritional disadvantages of its dish.

Branding the business itself. All the business does is the branding itself. So during the branding process we also thought of a special dish, basically two dishes, a bucket of shawama and a cone of shawarma. Lots of people like shawarma but because of the pita it is perceived as unhealthy food and they avoid it. The ketogenic diet trend and the low-carb diet led us to create a low-carb shawama dish for them and thus not only positioned the chain as innovative, but also contributed to the profit line when we brought in a new, up-to-date and mostly large audience.













Opening ad in the local newspaper

two hand holding Shawarma