MAGEN A Jewish token
Creative and marketing Management

Year: 2021
Client: Unitech foundation
Project team: Ori Bar

The new era of the digital world, web 3.0 is here. We had the privilege to join the revolution and create with Unitech foundation the first digital token for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. 

As a marketing innovation agency, you have to put yourself at the heart of innovation to keep up with the vast changes that this era places us.


Our first task was complex. To serve as interpreters for the new world. Using skilled copywriting skills, we have created a unique textual language that makes blockchain technology accessible to laymen so that they can not only understand what it is about but start working on it.

Together with the development team of the foundation, we created a website where you can read about the unique project, receive tokens and start trading on the blockchain network.

We wrote, produced, and created an advertisement video under the spoken word concept that tells the story of the creation of the coin, its vision, and its purpose.