Israel Football Association
Creative Managment

Year: 2014
Client: Israel Football Association
Project team: Ori Bar, Roy Herzlich

We had the honor to lead the Israeli national football team’s campaign to the Euro 2016 qualifiers. Due to the change in the calculation method in the upcoming games to be held in Paris, there was a real chance that the team will advance to the games. 

In order to mobilize the people of Israel, not just fans, but everyone to come and encourage the team in its home games, we had created a national campaign that represented the Jewish and the Israeli DNA Never ging up! under the slogan “Israelis never give up, Together we shall win.” 

At the center of the campaign are videos in which the team players read nasty talkbacks written about them on various platforms.  The players knew what the fans think of them but they do not give up and invited them to cheer on them on the field. 

The Leading poster of the campaign and the banners that followed. 






We have built an image and ticket sales website so that every Israeli can get familiar with the team plyers and buy tickets.  






The Second and the third clip.