Marketing and Creative Management

Year: 2023
Project team: Ori Bar, Sigal Bar-Lev, Liat Vedinyo is a prominent service catering to the needs of modern travelers, especially those seeking convenient and reliable internet connectivity while on the go. This service specializes in providing eSIM data plans, which are an innovative alternative to traditional SIM cards. 

GlobaleSIM offers services in over 150 countries, utilizes eSIM technology, and  provides comprehensive installation guides and a 24/7 help center. ranks among the pioneers in the eSIM service industry. Initially, it was built on a dated platform, prompting us to construct a modern marketplace. This updated site has been completely overhauled, modernized, and tailored for 2023’s e-commerce demands. We’ve reorganized our offerings by country and continent, adjusted our pricing, and refined our content for better search engine compatibility.

The outcome has been impressive: in the first month alone, we welcomed 70,000 new users. We’ve more than tripled customer engagement by overhauling the user interface and user experience. Additionally, our annual revenue soared by 175% thanks to our innovative go to market strategies.

The Help Center

One of the biggest challenges is the accessibility of the service, especially if it is technological. As soon as the service is accessible in a suitable way to the target audience, the level of service increases. When the level of service increases, the level of satisfaction increases and with it the number of returning customers and with them sales.

We have built a huge help center with frequently asked questions and answers, written and video installation and usage guides, a dictionary of concepts, rich articles in the mobile field and more.

Go to Market

Effective marketing is about being strategic. We employed savvy tactics to maximize traffic to our website and enhance key performance indicators. The cornerstone of our strategy was search engine optimization (SEO), integrated right from the early stages of website planning and development. Additionally, we ran a clever social media campaign to boost our brand’s visibility. The outcomes were outstanding: a more than 200% rise in revenue, a 72% increase in brand exposure, and a 34% growth in brand preference. Impressively, we reached customers in remote global locations where we previously had no sales.

Cartoon characters are unparalleled in adding vibrancy to a service. Embracing the idea of “The Best eSIM in the world”, we crafted animated characters – a pair of good friends, a male and a female, who travel around the globe. They humorously engage with the stereotypical aspects of each attraction they visit.

Tailored jokes were created for each location, aligning with the most popular tourist spots relevant to the season when the campaign was rolled out.