New Gambling platform Branding Management

Year: 2019
Client: 999.com
Project team: Ori Bar, Amit Biterani

Gamification is the assimilation of game elements into tasks in order to create a new user experience. Psychologically, a person will use something more if the use is made while playing. Gambling companies have undergone an online transformation in recent decades and have become gaming sites. The same elements can be found even in children’s games on the net that require excessive use of the app, even if it is educational. Its economic model is based on the user’s desire to continue playing.

999.com is a new gaming site that we were asked to brand and tell its story.

We set out on a mission to create three concepts from three different approaches

Our reality is becoming faster and more complex day by day. We feel we need to speed up, otherwise, we can’t keep up. People are just looking to escape to another reality, to a fantasy world and 999 will take you there.

At 999 people will feel that they have arrived at a better world. They will have a vacation away from the everyday hassles, away from the overdraft, away from their relationship, their boss and from politics.

80’s POP

The 1980s were the decade of the breakthrough of fantasy into the real world via technology. Welcome to the golden age of video games. We connected the real world to fantasy. We made it possible to switch between our worlds through video games.


There are endless expanses of fantasy because fantasy has no boundaries and can be reached anywhere and everywhere like in a dream.

Fantasy is devoid of time and space, it is like plasticine manipulated in the hands of a sculptor.

Welcome to the 80’s Pop World – the perfect fantasy that never ends.


casino elements

Mad Men

Going out to a bar at the end of a long workday or over the weekend is the way to immerse yourself in life.

Going out to the bar, during an era when aesthetics had a special status, was even more wonderful. Ironed suits, pressed shirts, red lipstick, eau de toilette, long cigarettes, whiskey on ice.

New York bar, bar stools, pretty blond-haired girl in a little black dress, sitting at the bar and smoking with a martini glass and olive on a toothpick. Opposite her on a couch, a man in a grey suit, hat, cigarette in hand and whiskey on the table. He looks, she smiles.


We went on vacation, not wanting to ever come back. How do we picture our ultimate vacation? Beach, sun, sunbed, drinks clinking, water splashing, palm trees swaying, breeze. And what if we told you that you can go on this vacation any day of the week, any time?

Wouldn’t you buy in? Absolutely!

His vacation fantasy is made up of all that is good about a vacation. From the good life, the fine food, the great alcohol, to room service and afternoon naps.

Welcome to our fantasy, here you don’t need to checkout at 12 noon, you can stay as long as you want.

Vacation elements