TOAM Finance
Old Brand New Brand

Year: 2020
Client: TOAM Finance
Project team: Ori Bar, Anis Kadis, Hay Balili

TOAM finance specializes in financing the working capital needs of companies. The company has grown to become one of the largest non-bank financing companies in Israel. 

In February 2020, control of the company was acquired by the investment company DBSI. Our work was to state and emphasize the company’s renewed mission in the private market as the preferred non-bank credit company for companies seeking credit for growth.

Capturing high-profile new customers who do not need immediate credit but as part of a business growth plan is one of the most rewarding sales tasks we have encountered. At the end of a long thought process our marketing strategy puts the emphasis on two products: search and content. The results were and still are exceptional.

After about a decade, we have developed and designed a new compatible website. The website is dedicated to the company’s financing capabilities in the field of non-bank credit to importers with an emphasis on financing for growth.

landing page for importers

The landing page we created for the search campaign







We interviewed, wrote, and published leads magnet article as part of our marketing content campaign