Stunning national P.R Campaign

Year: 2019
Client: Tel Aviv Gay Games
Creative Director: Ori Bar

Tel Aviv, declared one of the best gay travel destinations in the world, joined a list of renowned capitals such as Paris, New York, Berlin and Rome, organizing its own LGBT multinational sports event – Tel Aviv Games – TAG2019.

With over 500 athletes from all over the world signed up, Tel Aviv Games 2019 was the the biggest LGBT+ Sports event in the middle east and one of the biggest in Europe.

OUTLOUD ran the PR campaign, before and during the Games. Throughout the Games, the competition received extensive media coverage from all Israeli media, in the press, online, on television and on the radio. The media strategy we adopted, along with the broad media exposure, was to explain to the public why LGBT sports games are first and foremost a cultural event when its core activity is sports games. Media exposure is not enough, it must be message-focused.







Articles about the games appeared in almost every Israeli media outlet

An in-depth article in Haaretz, the most respected newspaper in Israel. The article was also published in the English version of the newspaper.

“I Won, and in the Holy Land!’ Prepping for Eurovision, Tel Aviv Hosts the Gay Games

In the second year in a row, Tel Aviv. Hosted the international TAG games for the LGBTQ community. “The atmosphere is never sexual,” says one

Part of our media strategy, apart from the exposure itself, is to bring the personal stories and perseverance of LGBT athletes to the sports space. One of the basketball players on Channel 13, one of the three most popular channels in Israel, explained what it is like to be a LGBT person who engages in sports and invited the Israeli public to come and watch the LGBT games in the city.



Photos taken for the in-depth article in Haaretz by reporter Avshalom Halutz