LSIE 2015
Editorial Writing Management

Year: 2015
Client: Stier Group Ltd
Project team: Ori Bar

Marketing journalistic writing requires a skill that comes with years of working with journalists, media people, TV channel discs, press and more. Due to this, the Shtir group contacted us and asked us to write and edit LSIE magazine, which will be distributed at a conference bearing the same name. LSIE 2015 offered a platform of professional conferences and exhibitions that showcased all the research and development stages, in the Israeli Life Sciences industry, which is world renowned for its innovation, ingenuity and creativity.

We got to research and interview people from the healthcare system and the high-tech industry about the connection that generates a billion-dollar market.

We dealt with the lean management method of hospitals, a management method that was imported from the automotive industry and applied in the United States. T3, the Technion’s commercialization company, told us that it is precisely this climate in Israel that gives rise to this innovation.

We spoke with Prof. Rafi Biar, the CEO of Rambam medical center, about a hospital without walls, about the medical services that will allow patients to receive medical treatment from their home.

Finally, we also reviewed the exhibition that accompanied the event, which featured, among other things, advanced imaging (MRI) methods that demonstrate how pressure cell therapy produces new blood vessels for people with head injuries.

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